Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kia Ora Friends 7-31-16

WHAT A WEEK. A long, great week. I am finally back in the swing of things since surgery. It feels so awesome to be back serving the sweet people of NZ!

Well, this week I was in a lot of pain one day, and decided to have my comps take me to the Visitors Center so that I could be there with the Sisters, so ours could still be in our area. While driving there in a distance I saw a man walking and behind us a broken down semi truck,it reminded me of the video of president monsons car breaking down and him walking to find help.  I felt prompted to say "Stop the car, we need to help him" we did just that and then I started thinking... "Shoot, we can't even give him a ride, I have NO idea how to fix a semi.. this will be interesting" HAHA we stopped anyways and he asked if he could use our battery, we agreed.. HAHA I decided to remember his licence though, he took out our battery and put it in his car and I thought great he is going to drive off now, this will be a good story to tell.. HAHA. Luckily he did something I have never seen, he put in the battery, started his car, took it out while his car was running and put it back in ours. We gave him a Book of Mormon, he was athiest but really had interest in learning more, he said he is very open minded. He thanked us a trillion times and as we were getting ready to drive away he ran to us and said "This semi carries potato chips and i want to give you a bag for helping me" Might I say they were probably the best chips I have ever had, but that isn't the point. The point is, I was SOOO BUSY worrying about me feeling good, looking inwards, that I ALMOST missed the opportunity to serve someone else. LOOK outwards, sure life isn't easy, but others around you are struggling to, when you help them, you are truly helping yourself. YOU are all so great at that, I know and can say that because you have all helped me in more ways than you could ever know!! 

This week I was sitting at the VC, and this cutest couple came in, I could tell they were just engaged, and decided to talk to them. The boy ended up going and looking around, but I sat and talked to the girl. I could tell she kept staring at the temple and so I decided to ask if they were getting married there, she said YES. I was so excited and felt prompted to share with her the advice my mom shared with me before entering, "Don't worry about what you learn, FOCUS on how you feel." I looked at her and she started sobbing, she said she didn't expect to get her prayer answered while being here, she was so worried about the temple, and she needed that advice. THANK YOU MOM for sharing that with me!! 

I love you all, I REALLY miss you, but am sooo excited to continue on this work, THIS is the true gospel, if you are questioning that, PRAY. We aren't here to convince you, we are here for you to know of the truthfulness yourself. 

Arohanui, I LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Maddie DeLoach

Kia Ora Family 7-31-16

WHAT A WEEK. I finally feel back on top since surgery. It feels so nice to not worry about myself anymore and to focus on the things that matter, OTHERS!!! I know this was a big week full of  birthday's, moving,  tests, sports, and summer and I just wanted you all to know I love and miss you!!! 

The first day I was back with my companions, it went really well, no one was home but we just were able to talk to people on the streets, while with them, I started to get in some pain so we decided to drive me to the VC so that I could rest there and they could keep going in our area. While driving to the VC, we were driving and on the side of the road saw a broken down semi truck and a man in the distance walking... It looked like the mormon message when president monsons car broke down and he was walking to get help, We decided to stop, and in my head I am thinking "Hmmm. I have no idea how to help him, we can't give him a ride and I am not about to know anything about cars" BUT the impression was so strong to stop. We asked if we could help, he said his battery was dead, so we pulled over he said he could use ours and then he would be good. That was probably silly on our part letting this man take out our battery, I was thinking hmmm this seems weird, decided to write down his licence just in case... haha but he was legit, knew exactly what he was doing, he took out our battery put it in his and started his semi and then took it out while his truck was running and put it back in ours, we decided to offer him a Book of Mormon, he accepted and said he wasn't religious at all but would be interested in reading it and his family would be too. As we were getting ready to drive away, he ran to our car, and said hold on, "What this semi carries is potato chips and I want to give you a bag for helping me" We agreed, and they were literally the best chips I have ever had, but that isn't the point. The point is, LOOK OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. I was so busy hurting so busy focusing on me feeling good that I forgot (almost) to see there was people all around me who needed me. We made that mans day, and we so easily could have kept going.

We had interviews this week with president, and he is AMAZING. I really love him, he helped me realize that I can every single day in my life decide the kind of person I want to be. I can try things realize they don't work and then make up this great person full of things I do know work for me, he is inspired of God, and I know he loves me. 

I got really sick one day, and I had to go back to the Dr's anyways for a check up and before I went, I received a blessing from our new zone leader, he is from Canada, and I literally don't know him. He gave me one of the MOST beautiful blessings in my life. He went silent and all of a sudden I could tell heavenly father relied the message I needed to hear. He said "the lord needed me to endure this trial right now, but I need to rejoice in this time I get to have a trial to grow, that I am laying my foundation in heaven by the work I am renduring now. He also said that the lord loves to see me smile and wants me to know there are uncountable blessings waiting for me in heaven. I felt so humbled to receive from someone who didn't know me, the EXACT things I needed to hear. The gospel is true, I know it is. 

One day, I decided to be a mean trainer and it was pouring rain outside I decided to make us walk so we could build some character, while walking we ran into a family, YES A FAMILY who just had a little baby 11 weeks ago and they were so prepared to receive this gospel. They invited us back on Wednesday, I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!! 

I love you, ALL OF YOU. A love that never changes, as I pray individually daily for you, I get this added strength knowing you love and care for me as well. This work isn't easy, BUT it's the GOOD NEWS OF THE WORLD. We have the truth, we have NO need to fear!! God Speed my family. AROHANUI

Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

HELLO Friends 7-24-16


Well, this week I got unexpected surgery.. HAHA I had some bad pains in my lower right side in the middle of the night Tuesday and it woke me right up, I was in so much pain, the next day we decided to go to the Doctors, and she literally questioned me for 20 min. She kept saying I was for sure pregnant... HAHAH finally I raised my voice and said "I am a missionary, I am not pregnant, I have not even been around males for 5 months, there is not even a slight chance I am unless I ate something" That put her to silence and she said okay you aren't pregnant, still made me do a test, and YAY I wasn't pregnant.. HAHAHAH. Ah, well she sent me immeiditely up to the hospital after doing the Appendix test, the hospital here is CRAZY. 

I promise each of you that you do NOT want FREE health care!!! After sitting in the waiting room  for 6+ hours, and literally dying and then seeing people come in that had a cough, I just wanted to die.. HAHA I finally got surgery 2 1/2 days after the original time of going into the hospital! I was put into a Ward, which is a section of the hospital where they put you in a room with 6 other people and it looks like what you would think world war 2 hospital would look like, I then had to be in this hospital bed with these 6 other sicklings for 2 days, It was hard. One night I was all alone in my bed, I really felt so alone, I missed America, I missed each of you, and I especially missed my family... I just sat there and cried and right then I had the nicest nurse named Rebecca come in, she didn't come to give me pills, she just came to see how I was. She sat on the bed with me for like 30 min, she just let me cry and just rubbed my back. She was an angel to me. I felt so grateful. Well, I got surgery and got my appendix taken out, and now I am staying at a Senior Couples house for a few days recovering! Please pray for me to have a speedy recovery so that I can continue to assist the Lord in this AMAZING work! 

I am grateful today and always for each of you. I really did think about each of you indiviually in my time in the hospital and how you have each influenced my life. I am so grateful for the friendships I have, and the great memories which I have with each of you. I love you so much,  I am so grateful to still be going strong! 

YOU are important. YOU are loved, and you are doing better than you could ever imagine! 

Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Kia Ora 7-24-16

Crazy week! 

Really not much to talk about!! 

I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with a really sharp pain in my right lower abdomen, and it hurt really bad, I was able to go back to sleep and worry about it in the morning, in the morning we were on at the VC, and it just hurt way worse, we decided to call Sister Cummings and see what we should do, she sent me to a Dr's and we went there! I got questioned for literally like 20 minutes by this doctor that I was most likely pregnant. I finally got my stern voice on and said "I am a missionary, I am NOT sexually active, I am not even around males, I am not pregnant" That shut her up really quick and she said, okay! Hahaha, I didn't want to be rude, but I was in so much pain and she kept telling me that was my problem.

So she sent me immeditely up to the ER, and everyone... PLEASE take my word for it... YOU DO NOT WANT FREE HEALTH CARE. I was in the waiting room for 6+ hours just with people who were barely coughing just because they get it free if they go there.. Ah, it was such a nasty experience.. haha I finally got back into the ER, and it literally looked like World War 2, not kidding, they put you in Wards with 6 other people and the only thing seperating you from the others is a thin sheet!! (Mom remember the guy who had a gas problem after I got knee surgery?? HAHA) anyways, it was terrible. I was SO lucky though, I was able to get the NICEST nurse in the whole world. Her name was Rebecca, and one night I was just laying there alone in this dark room with these 6 elderly people and I just started to cry, I was in pain, in a random country, in this nasty hospital, and I missed home, she came in she just sat on the bed with me and rubbed my back and said "It's okay Maddie, I'm here for you" This random lady had no idea how much she helped me. She was such an answer to my prayers, she literally was an angel. 2 DAYS later when they decided I needed surgery, she was my nurse again, and she kissed me on my forehead and said, I am praying for you, I love you. It was so surreal, also because she looks exactly like Kelsey and Kelsey is a nurse, so it really made me feel at ease. I was so grateful for her. P.S... Sister Zundel came to the surgery room with me and said it was one of the nicest she has ever seen so that is a plus!! I guess they hide their nice rooms!! HAHA by the way they never left my side. Sister Zundel told me after I decided that if you were my daughter I would want someone to be here at all times, and especially when you got out of surgery, so we are staying all night!! 

Well, because of the experience I had everyone has vowed that if they ever get sick to send them back on a plane to America... HAHA glad I had to be the guinea pig!! It has really shown me that the Lord loves and knows me. I was feeling to confident in my area, and that these 2 sisters didn't know their way around, and then I learned real quick when they had to be in the area all alone, I am not as great as I think I am and the Lord will show me that.. Hahah I am grateful for the chances I have to be humbled. I have felt so much love, and so many prayers in my behalf, the second I walked into the hospital a man in a wheelchair saw my badge, wheeled over to me, and said "Do you need a blessing" What a miracle that Heavenly Father lets us go through things sometimes to help other. I am so grateful this week for America, and for the fact that we have that health care, I love New Zealand, but I am so grateful to be from the US!! 

It's been hard being out of commission I really feel Satan trying to creep in telling me I'm not good enough, but I know that I am. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time. I feel like I have super powers, and I know I can get through this small trial. I LOVE YOU ALL!! 

I am so grateful for each and everyone of you!!!
ALSO forgot to tell you all, Today is JULY 25, which is the day I will most likely be coming home on next year!!! SO let the countdown (for you guys) not me, begin!!! I am so excited to work so hard for one more year and then to see all of you!! I LOVE YOU

Arohanui, Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Kia Ora Friends! 6-17-16

Hello Friends!! How are you all?! This week has been one of the most challenging weeks of my life, but that helps you grow right? I said goodbye to my beautiful trainer, and I can truly say it felt like I said goodbye to my Sister. I am forever grateful for Sister Chudleigh, and I am so grateful for the example which she set for me. I am so happy she is home now, and she's gorgeous and single.. Just in case you want to tell your guy friends;) hahah...

Well, I am officially a Trainer, I am a Mom and it's a girl!! She is Sister Gurney from Alpine, or Highland Utah! She went to Lone Peak and she graduated when I did. This last year she has been playing Soccer in BYU Hawaii, and it super athletic. She is a really great missionary, and I love her already!! BUT there is a plot twist, the same day I was asked to be a trainer, I also found out that a VC Sister, Sister Fuggle her companions Visa didn't go through.. So I am now in a trio, training Sister Gurney and covering two areas that are quite a ways from each other... It was really hard to hear, it's unreal how inadequate you can feel finding out news like that. 

I know though that the Lord doesn't give us anything we can't handle. There are always miracles that come with new missionaries, and I have really seen that with Sister Gurney, we have been able to catch people home at just the right time, and to visit people who we haven't been able to see for a while. It's been really amazing. 

One thing that stuck out to me this week was last night at the VC. There was this man named Luke who is a nonmember, who was going on a tour with a Senior missionary, Elder Wilson, and after the tour I saw him looking at painting. I felt prompted to just ask where he was visiting from! He then said and then I asked what brought him here and he said he writes poems and is writing one about the LDS church, and I told him about my interest in writing poems, and he just got so open with me all of a sudden and said "I want to learn more from you, I haven't been able to connect with anyone and I want to learn from you and your companions" I was so excited and set up a return appointment and after Elder Wilson said "It's only because you are Sisters" HAHAH I guess he wouldn't set up an appointment with the Elder.. Maybe thats why they send sisters? ;) Nah, just kidding, I was just grateful I followed a prompting. 

Well, this week I have felt really down. I miss home this week, and I know that is Satan's tool to get to me, but I on the other hand have really had to question this week why I am really here.. Is this something I really wanted to do or why did I do it? and I can honestly say I love my Savior Jesus Christ, I am here because I want to serve him. I know this is where I need to be right now, and I know someday it will  benefit my future family. I know this mission isn't about me. Thats the best thing in the world. Focusing on other people and seeing your problems aren't as big as you thought...

I love you all, I testify to you that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. I promise that if you begin to pray to them no matter where you are in life, they will do whatever they can to help you. YOU are never lost. 

"When you choose Christ, you have made the right choice." -Thomas S. Monson

Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Kia Ora 6-17-16

What a challenging week. I feel really grateful though. Grateful for Sister Chudleigh as she is now back home. I am grateful for the lessons she taught me. I am now a Trainer to Sister Gurney from Alpine Utah, she went to Lone Peak and graduated when I did. She spent this last year at BYU Hawaii, playing soccer! She is really talented. She looks really tough. She is really nice, and a very good missionary, very loud and outgoing! She is nice though. And plot twist, this one Sister, Sister Fuggle, who has been hard for me to get along with since the day I got here is now in a Trio with us because her companions Visa didn't go through... So I am now Training, in a Trio, and Covering two areas.... I am stressed.

Well,  I miss you all. I am grateful for each of you, especially Kru this week as he took such a big step in His life and followed Jesus Christ example. I felt a little off this week, but I know that these are just growing pains I must go through.. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. I can definitely tell Satan is trying to make me angry or upset at little things, so I am trying my best to pray a lot. I would really appreciate if you would pray for me and my new companions too!! I know it's hard for them too, and that I am probably the hard one haha.

Well, yesterday this man was at the VC getting a tour by Elder Wilson, who is a senior couple and at the end of the tour, I just saw him looking at a few paintings so I felt prompted to go and talk to him, and I just asked where he was from and what he was doing and turns out he is a nonmember, he loves writing and it writing a poem on the LDS church and wanted to come look around. I told him how I had a secret interest in writing poems, and I liked writing, and he instantly just opened up to me. He said I really just wanted to talk to someone who understood me and I feel like you do, he said I want to come back and learn more, but I want it to be with your companionship. I of course said yes and he went on his way, after he left Elder Wilson was shocked this guy opened up, I guess the whole tour he wouldn't really talk, and didn't want a return appointment, I felt really grateful I followed a prompting just to ask where he was visiting from! Elder Wilson said it's cause we're girls, haha who knows.. Maybe that's why they have sisters;)

This week has been full of miracles amidst the hard times. We were able to get into a lot of homes that Sister Chudleigh and I have tried reaching for a while. It was amazing to see that the lord truly sends miracles with a new missionary. I do love my companions, and I am trying to do things for them. It is weird being the Leader, somedays I wish I could just be the follower.. Hahah I know that the Lord doesn't call you without qualifying you though, and I know he is helping me!! 

Well, the other day we were leaving this Recent Coverts house, and we saw her neighbor outside smoking and drinking and just found out that morning his car lit on fire and burned to ashes.. We decided to stop and talk to him, he may have been drunk, but he said it would be fine if we stopped by sometime this next week and saw him!! I hope he still remembers us hahah..

Well, I know that life isn't meant to be easy. I know that because we're supposed to grow. This week I was able to receive a blessing and the very first thing that was told to me is that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know me, and they love me. I know that is true for you too. Maybe you don't understand what's going on in life right now either, but he does. He knows all things, and the thing he knows the most is that he loves you. However you are right now, he knows you. HE LOVES YOU. I am so grateful for that knowledge, and I pray to apply it more in my own life. 

I have a testimony of this gospel. I have this week really questioned why I am here, and I can truly say because I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I couldn't ever repay him for all he's done for me. He doesn't want us to be sad, but to be happy. I pray to become more like him. I love you each more than you know. I LOVE YOU.

"Life by the Yard is Hard; Life by the Inch is Cinch" 

Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Friends 7-10-16

Ah, what a week. Transfers happen this week and I am soooo sad to send Sister Chudleigh home tomorrow. She has seriously been the best trainer/friend I could have asked for. I cannot explain the sacredness of being with someone you love, and get to testify of Jesus Christ with in peoples humble homes. I have truly found one of my best friends in her! She is unreal!

Well, this week we witnessed so many miracles, and I know it's because we went non-stop!! Had to send her home tired;) The first miracle we witnessed was on chat this week. So what chat is, is we are the people who reply to you on, not always just a few hours everyday! And we got on and no one was on to chat with and all of a sudden other sisters around the world transferred us their chat, we were confused why they did that but we picked it up anyways, and we were able to talk to this girl who was basically asking us to remove her church records and we didn't ask her why or why she was upset with the church, rather we were able to send her our favorite talks each and to testify of Jesus Christs forgiving power and the love he has for each of us. Nearing the end of our conversation we told her to never give up and she replied, "Giving up isn't an option after speaking with you two." We were so grateful that this girl had got shifted to us and that Heavenly Father didn't want us to ask why she was upset, but rather tell her about the immense love he has for her. We were able to save a soul, and we even found out she is returned missionary, and she has family in Delta, that I know really well. Such a tender mercy!!

The second one happened yesterday when we were saying goodbye to a few people, we were driving home, listening to our music and we saw this guy walking who looked SO sad. We kept driving but in my head I was like, "Turn around, stop, go talk to him." I let my pride get in the way and didn't say anything until it was like something made me spit out the words, and I said "Sister chudleigh stop the car, we need to talk to that man." She literally slammed on the brakes and said "I know we do, I have been thinking that too." We stopped the car and started walking to where we thought the man was, and he was gone, sooo we kept walking :) We finally caught up to him, and he was a 19 year old Indian boy. He was so nice. He only moved here 2 days ago, and he said "I am sooo homesick, and I was just praying to God that I wouldn't have to walk alone, that I could find friends, and right then you two showed up." We were so grateful we followed a prompting, even if it was a little late. It's better late then never!! 

Well, please pray for Sister Chudleigh this week, I know it will be hard for her to leave these beautiful people and beautiful country. Please pray for my new companion. She will be great whoever she is. I am so excited to continue on in the amazing work!!! The caravan goes on! 

Sister Maddie DeLoach

Kia Ora 7-10-16

Hello Family!! 
Well, it's transfers!!! I am sad, excited, and nervous. As you know Sister Chudleigh finishes her mission, this will be really hard for me. I thought I had true friends before in my life, but being with her I realized what a true friend is. She is someone who I can share my fears with, my strengths with, but most of all someone I share the most sacred of moments with. I can't tell you of the feeling to sit in someones humble home with your best friend, testifying of Jesus Christ. I know that Heavenly Father KNEW I needed her. He knows me better than I know myself, and I truly feel like I am losing a Sister. I know you guys will feel these exact feelings when you meet her! You will just come to love her instantly. Her farewell in Utah will be on July 24, she has your numbers mom and dad and will text you the address for that!

Well, we went 100 mph this week, we HAD to end on a high!! Our first miracle happened when we got on chat and there weren't any chats to pick up and all of a sudden someone transferred their chat in like the middle of it, and we had no idea why they did that but we picked it up, and the previous conversation she was having with the missionaries is that she wasn't happy in the gospel anymore and wanted to remove her records. When we picked this up, we didn't ask her why, rather we sent her our favorite general conference talks (Mine is He will place you on his shoulders and carry you home By: Uchtdorf) and then we just bore testimony of His love for her. She didn't soften immediately but after a while she just said that giving up or leaving wasn't an option anymore after the encouraging words we gave her. It is really funny though because she gave us her number and I could tell it was near delta because it was 435 area code, and so I just asked where she was from and she said richfield and then, long story short come to find out President Chappell is her uncle, and she is a returned missionary!! Please don't say anything to President Chappell, all info is supposed to be confidential. But it was such a tender mercy and miracle to save a lost sheep, who knew what was right just needed a shepherd to place it on it's shoulder and guide it home. We were so grateful to have that experience, it truly isn't just about non-members and I love that. We see probably 1 non-member a day to 15 Less Active or Members, and that is okay!! Everyone needs a little saving sometimes!! 

We were able to meet the Cummings this week in a Zone Conference. THEY are amazing! President Cummings is even in the July 2016 Ensign, not just a photo, like a talk. He is like so official. He talked about being obident, and being someone who the Lord can trust. I know that he is called of God, HE has the most powerful testimony ever, and his accent is hilarious! I also love his wife, she is sooo kind and she is also a returned missionary, so she is all about missionary work. They are really amazing, and I know that they are called here, and that I am supposed to learn from them :) 

All day on Saturday, I was praying that I could make someones day, and that I could bare a strong testimony to someone. We had a lady come into the VC the other day, she was in her 60 or 70's and she was tiny haha had crazy make up and flower clothes, and she wanted to watch videos of Jesus. We thought she was a member at first but soon realized she wasn't. She had a friend with her and he wasn't a member either, we showed them a few videos and then we were able to talk to them. We noticed that after every video she was just sobbing, it was so sweet. WE asked her how she was feeling and she just said "I just know Jesus loves me, it makes me so sad he did this for us" We explained that all he went through is a positive thing, if we apply it to our lives, and she just said wow, "Jesus Loves me, I know that because he sent you two angels and you're so nice, you made my day" There it was, exactly what I prayed for. I am so grateful. This gospel is amazing, and her friend was an athiest and didn't believe in Jesus Christ and in a small back room of the VC, I was able to bare the most simple, yet most powerful testimony I have ever shared with this man. I knew that that again was an answer to my prayers. He does know us. Think about it, he answers our prayers. YES he answers yours. He doesn't answer me by Sister DeLoach rather he calls me by name. He knows me as Maddie, and he knows you. HE LOVES YOU. I testify of that. You have never sunk below the infinite love of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we were trying to get our last goodbyes in and we were driving down the road singing along to our music having a good time and we passed this guy just pacing back and forth on the street who looked so sad. I didn't say anything, but I was having this internal battle with myself to raise my voice and to say Stop the Car, we need to talk to him.. It took about a minute to stop the battle and to finally say the words " Stop the Car, we need to talk to him" As soon as I spoke the words, Sister Chudleigh slammed the brakes and said "I was thinking the exact same thing" We did, and walked to where we saw him, and he was gone, so we thought to keep walking a little more. We did and there he was. His name was Roshen, and he was Indian. He is 19, and just moved her 2 days ago for University. He said "I am so homesick and so lonely, I just prayed to God that I wouldn't have to walk alone, and right then you two came." It was such a tender mercy to witness for one last time with Sister Chudleigh, I was so grateful that we were in tune, even if we were both a little prideful to stop the car. I know that the Lord knows Roshen, and we were able to give him the love and comfort he needed. 

Ah, the work is amazing. I feel so grateful. We had interviews with the VC President Elder Zundel on Wednesday and he told me to read D&C 46, he told me that I have a gift of helping people to feel welcome and comfortable, and that this transfer I will need to be a leader, I will need to teach my companion the great things I know and have been taught. It was so nice of him, and I think ALL of you have the talents talked about in D&C 46, and challenge you all to read that. 

I love you all Heaps. I am SO grateful for you. YOU are the best family in the whole entire world.

Sister Maddie DeLoach

Wilsons on the left, Zundels in the middle, and Petersons on the right!! Love the Senior Couples!