Sunday, June 19, 2016

Frienssss (Friends) 6-19-16

Hello!! How are you all?? What a WONDERFUL week here in NZ!! Not to make all of you jealous, but I am heading to Hobbiton today!! Actually going to have to pretend to be a fan while I am there since I have never seen the movie.. HAHA 

Well, this week was wonderful!! 
So many miracles this week!! We had to ride our bikes this week because our car was in the shop, and it was sooo funny!! I truly felt like a missionary!! In a dress, with a helmet, and on the opposite side of the road!! Luckily everyone here has to wear helmet's so I didn't feel that stupid :) We were able to ride around and look for this beautiful bridge, we made the wrong turn 3 different times, and luckily ran into a bishop of another ward who directed us to the bridge, when we got there, we got the call our car was finished. We picked it up and felt prompted to go and try to see this lady who we have been not invited in for 6 times now, we followed the prompting. When we got there, there wasn't a car there so we decided to walk to Chris's house, another investigator who lived down the road, he was at work so we just wrote him a note to tell him we were thinking about him, and on our way back to our car, Cassey yes the lady pulled into her house!! SHE INVITED US IN!!!!! We got to teach her about the Book of Mormon, and it was amazing. She invited us back and really got all her questions answered. It was a miracle, and perfect timing, so grateful we missed the turn 3 times for the bridge!! We then had to head out to the Visitors Center, and decided to run to a InActive families home first, but realized we didn't know their address. We knew the street they lived on, so we drove around and pulled over and decided to pull out our old ward list since our new one was at home, we FOUND their name on there, and we were actually parked right in front of their house. SO many miracles, and it all started with getting out of bed on time, and exercising, and having good studies, I know that obedience brings BLESSINGS!! Be obedient :)

We had our last Zone Conference with President Rudd, and it was amazing, he told us "YOU ARE a New Zealand Missionary for heck sakes, YOU can do anything you want in the whole entire world" So FOR that I decided in 4 years I will run for President ;) Nah, jokes but serious, YOU all can do whatever you want, YOU are a child of GOD!!!  At this there was this famous Maori singer who is elderly, I had no idea who she was, but she had a cute scarf so I complimented it, and she said you like it? I said yes it's so pretty on you! She said HERE, took it off and put it on me. WOW, I felt so grateful, and also learned to not compliment the Maori, OR I will be owning it, hahah. Everyone after was like did you know who that was? HAHA i felt sooo cool :)

Well, Alan did baptisms for the dead and passed the sacrament. It was so cute to see this tall 42 year old man pass the sacrament with these 12 year old boys, and to see the young boys teach him what to do. He just smiled the whole time, and after the temple just said "WOW WOW WOW, thats all I can say" He is so crack up. 

Sorry for the long email, but this week was amazing!! I miss and love you all, and Happy Father's Day to all of you, and Future Father's Day to the others;) HAHA I love you all sooo much!! 


Love, Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Hey Fam 6-19-16

Hello Family :)

How are you all this week? The mission is amazing, and I finally feel really great here!! I am getting comfortable, and am really starting to feel at home!! So that is good, until I have to get transferred HAHA.. 

Well, on Monday we went to Hamilton Gardens, it's a lot like thanksgiving point other than it's free and they have gardens representing different parts of the world, it was actually really beautiful. Today Sister Chudleigh and I are getting our nerd on, and going with the Petersen's to Hobbiton, I guess I have to pretend to be a fan today;) It's $80 each person and the Petersen's won't let us pay, are buying us lunch and Dinner, and they say it's because we are poor missionaries, they are seriously soooo kind to us. 

Well we had a WHOLE day full of miracles. We had to ride bikes this week for like 2 hours because our car had to go to the shop in town, so we decided to ride around town, yes in our dresses on bikes and right as I got on my bike realized I had a flat tire, and yes I wore a funny looking helmet. Luckily it's against the law to not wear a helmet, so no one judges me:) Anyways we went to the Mission office to get my bike fixed and then we decided to ride around town until we could get our car. We got on our bikes and RIGHT then it started to pour rain, we didn't care though:) We kept riding, I had never felt more like a missionary in my entire life!! We then went to the store, got a few groceries, and then went to go take pictures on this beautiful bridge. WE turned down the wrong street 3 times, and were getting lost. As we went down the 3rd wrong street this man stopped us, and he was the Bishop of Hamilton East, and he directed us in the right way, we went to the bridge, took photos, and then got the call that our car was finished. (Think about the timing of all of this as I keep on telling my story) We got our car, decided to go see this lady who has turned us away 6 times, and when we got there, there wasn't a car.. So we decided to walk over to Chris's House, the midget and leave him a note. We knew he was at work, but wanted him to know we were thinking about him. As we walked back from his house, CASSEY, the lady we intended on seeing pulled into her house, and invited US INSIDE!!! We taught about the Book of Mormon, and she was sooo interested, even invited us back :) I know that ALL of those wrong turns put us at the exact right moment at her house. I am so grateful that God's hand played a big role in that. After her house we had to head to the VC, but decided we had a few min to stop by a Inactive families house. Little did we realize that we didn't know their address and that it wasn't on the ward list we left at home.. We knew they lived down Minifie Road, so we drove down the road, we also knew they were African American.. SO secretly we were hoping someone would be outside..HAHA. We then drove around and decided to pull out the old ward list we had to see if anyone else lived on that road and we could go ask them, and we got to their name and on the old ward list, there was their correct address, and it just SOO Happened to be the exact house we had been pulled in front of. WHAT A MIRACLE DAY!!! 

Well We had our last Zone Conference with the Rudd's and it was amazing, they just talked about HOW great our potential is. President Rudd said "For pete sake, you're a New Zealand Hamiltion Missionary, YOU will change the world" I know that I can do great things, and I know that you can do great things, YOU are a son or daughter of GOD!!! The creator of the WORLD!! Their is a famous singer here, named Rangi Parker, she is very elderly, I had no idea who she was, I just saw this old woman and thought her scarf was cute, so I told her "That is a beautiful scarf" She said you like it don't you? " I said yes it's gorgeous"  she said "HERE" Took it off and placed it on me. WOW. I learned to not compliment Maori people, they will give everything they have to you!!!! :) After everyone was like "Do you know who that was?" HAHA I felt so cool!!!

The other day Alan did baptisms for the Dead and after he walked into the VC just glowing, He just said ' WOW WOW WOW, that is the greatest thing, WOW" It was so cute. I am so proud of him, he passed the sacrament too with all the 12 year olds, he just smiled the whole time and felt like he was the coolest person in the whole world, after he said " I am the Man" HAHAHA. he is so crack up. 

WE were doing family history with him, the other night and I was looking on mine so we could show him how to do his, and I was thinking a lot about Grandpa Meyer, as we got off and came up stairs to the VC, we hugged and kissed all the sister's goodbye and we had hugged all of them, and this one sister I had already hugged ran up to me as I was walking out, and gave me another hug and whispered in my ear "Your Grandpa Loves you".... I couldn't even say a word. No one knew other than Heavenly Father that I was thinking about him, no one even knew he is passed away. I am so aware of the thin veil that surrounds us, I know that Grandpa is with me and with all of you!! I know that all my uncles, and ancestors that have passed away are cheering me on!!! They need me, and I need them:)

Well, Dad, and Brothers!! Happy Father's Day, and Happy (In the future) Father's DAY!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 

I know that Jesus Christ is aware of each of you, HE LOVES YOU!!! 

Love, Sister Maddie DeLoach

This is the Haka Bride that went like viral on the Internet, where her husband and her had all those doing the Haka for them, and they come to the VC all the time!! 

Hello Family 6-12-16

How are you all? This week was wonderful, but it was long!! Sounds like everyone is doing amazing!! I am jealous you're all having so much fun in the warm weather!!! 
This week was challenging, but like every challenging week, I learned HEAPS.

The beginning of this week Sister Chudleigh had so many promptings of places we should go, and people we should see, and I kinda just felt like nothing was happening to me, that I was receiving none of the promptings she was.. It was kind of hard to accept, so I just began to pray and then the thought came to my head, Go Visit Hoira. She is a potential investigator who really doesn't want to convert, just wants to chat.. But we went over and her house was literally being hot boxed full of like weed, and there were beer cans every where, but it was freezing outside so we went in..HAHA I left high I am pretty sure, but it was so fun to hear her story. She didn't even believe in God, she was in a car accident 7 years ago, and her whole family, yes everyone died, but her. She has severe brain damage and was told she could never walk or talk again, which she does both now:) She found a Christian church that she loves and she LOVES Jesus. She is so amazing, she doesn't want to be LDS right now for obvious reasons, but she has truly done the right thing by turning to Christ in times of despair. She is awesome, she is lesbian I am pretty sure, and kinda scary looking, but only God can judge right? She is awesome, a big Maori lady, she sang us songs :) 

Well, we had Zone Meeting this week and since President Rudd is leaving so soon, he took away all protocols, which are like rules he's made for the mission, so now all we have is the white handbook.. I am only happy because I now have no time limit to write to you guys!! I am happy too that he trusts us so much, but I am pretty sure he has to do this so that the new president coming in can make his own rules, we have our last Zone Conference this week with he and his wife, it will be so hard so see them go, I've truly come to love them, but I am so excited for them  to get home to their family after 3 years, I couldn't imagine staying that long!!!! 

We had stake conference this weekend and ALAN KINGI GOT THE MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD!!!!! He is so amazing, he came to the VC last night to just chat, and he told us about when he was receiving the priesthood he felt angels around him and he just felt so warm. He said he went home and told his flatmates that he got the priesthood (He actually said I'm an Elder now HAHA), all of which aren't members, and a few of them said "You got that"? and started laughing, it really hurt his feelings, but he said then I realized that YES I GOT IT, I AM SPECIAL TO HEAVENLY FATHER. He is so amazing. I know that we all have moments in life when we think things aren't for us, but never forget that everything in this church is so individualized. I love that about the gospel, we get baptized one by one and Jesus calls the children to him one by one. 

Stake Conference all they talked about was temples, I hope that we all can find a way to make it to the temple. I have struggled with realizing the importance of temples in my life, but wherever you are on your journey to make it to the temple, YOU are not far enough away. Make the temple a bigger priority and you will find happiness in your life. If you can't have enough faith to say you'll make it to the temple, at least muster the hope to say " You hope you can make it to the temple." I love you all, and I feel honored to be a DeLoach. 

Without me, You can do nothing. -God

Love, Always Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Hello (Friends) 6-12-16

Friends!! How are you all? How is everyones summer going? SOO Jealous it's summer!! This week was kinda long, but it was great!! 

We had Stake Conference, and the whole focus was on the temples, I hope and pray that wherever you are on your journey to the temple that you'll start today to make it more central in your life. I have never really understood the importance of the temple in my life, but now I see that was such a mistake. I know that you can make it there :) If you think you're the biggest sinner in the world or the best person at attending the temple, we can all be better. 

This week Alan received the Melchizedek Priesthood, I was SO stinking proud of him. He has changed so much in just 7 weeks that I've known him. He was a chain smoker, has been in prison, has done CRAZY things, and in 7 WEEKS, has received the higher Priesthood. Life is NOT impossible, you can do it, and Alan is proof. I am so proud of him. He is my friend that I've been longing to find, he makes me sooo happy!!! 

We met a potential investigator named Hoira this week, and when we got to her house she was hot boxing her house, and it was freezing outside soooo.. we went in, and pretty sure we both left high.. but we had a good lesson..AHAAH No.. she is awesome, but she told us her whole life story and it was crazy. She told us how 7 years ago she got in a terrible car accident and her WHOLE family died, but HER. Literally I just sat there in shock at her story, and she has severe brain damage because of this, but all of this helped her to find Jesus Christ, she knew she was here for a reason. She has no interest in being LDS(yet) for reasons stated above;) HAHA but we were able to sit there and sing Maori songs and hymns with her. She just praises Jesus the whole time and it is awesome!! She is lesbian too I think, but I guess only God can judge!! HAHA

It's awesome to be a missionary, life is hard sometimes, but it's good. I am so grateful for each of you and your example. I feel so blessed to know you ALL. Read the talk called "His Grace is Sufficient" By Brad Wilcox.. YOU won't regret it. I love you all so much!! 

Love Always, Sister Maddie DeLoach 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Friends 6-4-16

Hello ALL!! 
Transfers were this week, and I was so fortunate to be able to stay in the Lake Ward with Sis. Chudleigh!! This week was pretty slow, but still awesome!! 

We went bowling as Visitors Center Sisters on Monday, and for any of you that have been bowling with me, you know how funny it is to watch me bowl.. they were all dying, luckily I could laugh at myself too!! HAHA 

This week in Testimony Meeting this man got up and bore his testimony, he said how his daughter has 3 tumors, and they found out she has a few months to live.. He said "We have faith in Jesus Christ, so we know that he has given us this trial because he loves and trusts us" WOW. These people here are incredible, not to mention that same man has a downs daughter, he is so amazing. I'm sure this will be talked about in conference, so here I am giving you a little heads up, but there is a 12 year old boy here who got in a VERY bad accident, he's been in the hospital for 7 months, he turned 12 while in the hospital, and desired to be given the Aaronic Priesthood, he got ordained yesterday, and from his hospital bed he gave the Sacrament to his family. WOW.

This gospel is for you. It is individualized. I know life is hard, I know!! I know we make mistakes, I make them daily, but because Jesus Christ loves us individually, he allows us to grow. He is so aware of you. HE loves you. 

I wasn't going to share this, but I felt as though I should. I hope you can get something from this, and I hope you remember you have never sunk below the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ. I LOVE YOU, and more importantly, HE LOVES YOU! 

Love, Sister Maddie DeLoach 

3 months!!! 6-4-16

I've been gone 3 months, can you believe it? This week was transfers, and I stayed with Sister Chudleigh in the Lake Ward. I am so happy about it too :) On Monday, since it was right before transfers, the Senior Couples in the VC put together something fun for all of us to do that are in the VC, and this week it was bowling!! We had so much fun, and they all laughed so hard at the way that I bowl, luckily it's fun to laugh at yourself sometimes HAHA. Well, we attended Family History with Alan, and can I just say that I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did while learning about my ancestors. I felt so grateful learning about them. I know that they are close, I know this because I feel them close. 
The other day we went back to the house where we got the door slammed in our faces, and we decided to try again, as we pulled up we both felt so scared, seeing how it was night time, and it's kind of down an alley... We said a prayer and then the story I heard from my Bishopric at USU came to mind of a girl who was on her mission, and everyday walked past gang members, and they never said a word, and one time she decided to ask them why they never noticed the Sisters when they walked by, and the man said "We do notice you, but we would never say a word to you when we see that man walking with you" I instantly knew that we could do this, because we weren't alone. We then got the courage and went to the door and had a really nice conversation with this woman named Shannon :)

Yesterday the Rudd's had their final Fireside for investigators and the public at the VC, they leave here June 30. It was so awesome, but the best part was seeing Alan there. He just makes me so happy, as he sat there alone in the congregation, I just saw his for who he truly is. I saw him as a Man who truly wants to do his best. I am so grateful to see him through God's eyes. I just had such a tender feeling come into my heart as I thought about all the changes he's been through, and all the trials he's faced along the way. Yesterday he received the Aaronic Priesthood, and he got his temple recommend. I have never seen anyone so happy. I truly love him, I am so grateful for him. 

We had a cool experience this week at an ex communicated members house, he is the big Maori guy in the photo, he is awesome and almost ready to be baptized again I think!! He has a flat mate, she was so rude when we walked in, we went to give her a hug and she just sat there like a board, it was so awkward, luckily Sis. Chudleigh hugged her first so I just patted her on the back hahah. As we just sat and talked to Aaron the EX member to catch up and see how he was she would add in randomly I go to church on Saturday, I'm not Mormon.. All of a sudden she was softening and we then shared a scripture in the New Testament and she listened and even prayed with us and Aaron. It was so cool, after she gave us each a big hug, and apologized and said she thought we came to preach but when she saw that we just came to see how Aaron was and when she felt how genuine we were that she really felt bad. She said she shouldn't have treated us that way and kept saying sorry. It was amazing to see her change of heart! I felt so grateful to witness this, and I know it was a testimony builder for him to see his flat mate change too!! 

This work isn't easy, somedays at 6:30 a.m I wonder what the heck I am doing, but then I meet people like this, and hear their amazing stories, and then somehow all the trials, and hard days make it worth it. I am so grateful to be a missionary, even though it's hard. 

I love yous, sooo much!!! 
LOVE Sister Maddie DeLoach