Monday, July 31, 2017

Family 7-30-17

What a week! This week was transfers and I was SO excited to get Sister Gurney back to the Visitors Centre, we aren't companions, but I am so happy to have her back. Seeing her at the bus stop was a small glimpse of how I think I will feel seeing you, I just wept out of gratitude that Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed my last transfer. I am so excited to see you all even though it doesn't feel real. I am really loving my time here, and striving to enjoy it more and more every single day. 

This week we were at the Visitors Centre, and we looked up to the temple, and saw a man staring down at the Christus, he looked so sad, but we kept feeling like "don't go, send a man" it was really interesting, and we told Elder Zundel we felt he needed to speak with that man. He went out and little did we know that it was our investigator Kevin, they had a great man talk, and then he came in. He told us of how Satan was working really hard with their family since they are preparing for baptism, but the first place he wanted to be was here, at the temple. It was an amazing thing to see someone who knows so little of the gospel know exactly WHERE they needed to be in a time of need, we felt so grateful and knew at the point they truly are ready for baptism, Satan is trying so hard, and that August 18th is the date that is now set in stone for Kevin, Noah, Zaid, and Vicki. We are so excited to see a family be married and baptized, but mostly to see them enter the temple in a year:) 

This week we went to visit a new investigator, we walked up and he was drinking hard out, we decided to ask if he would be willing to put the alcohol away while we spoke to him, he agreed. HE LOOKS JUST LIKE UNCLE DANNY, it was so crazy. We were able to teach him, and help him to see that there is hope, I truly felt like I was teaching my uncle who has passed away. He behind these faded eyes began to tell us that he began to drink because he tried committing suicide, and it wasn't successful, we were able to help him see that the only successful thing he will find to quitting an addiction is following Jesus Christ. It was such a tender mercy to help a brother, who looked like an uncle, that I love dearly. It was a special day to me.

We went to church yesterday, and while driving there we saw this lady walking, we commented how she looked familiar, but we didn't recognize her with glasses, we went to church and then realized IT WAS OUR INVESTIGATOR MARCIA!!! We were shocked seeing how she was out of town all week, and we hadn't invited her this week, she hasn't ever come, she told us she shocked herself, but felt when she woke up that this is where she needed to be. It was such a blessing, and we also had an amazing lesson in gospel principles by a man who speaks Maori, and was able to teach to her in her native language so that she could truly feel the spirit. It was a beautiful tender mercy again, and I really am amazed at the progression of this area and work in such a short period of time. I believe the power of being positive is AMAZING. that is the only thing we have changed, besides exact obedience, but I know that as we face challenges being positive, we can truly overcome:)

This week I read an amazing talk by Jeffery R. Holland, it's called "Remember Lots Wife." He talks about not looking back, but looking forward. He said that "Faith learns from the past, but never longs to return there." I know that this is so true, we each have a past to learn from, but we need to continue to move forward every single day so that we can see faith for the future, I too am in need of this, and I know that the future holds a lot of unknown things for me right now, but I will continue to learn from the past so that I might have a bright future. I love you each so much, I hope it's an amazing week, and remember  "To be worthy does not mean to be perfect." I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister DeLoach

p.s. went to dinner this week and these 5 year old boys made it for us, it was hilarious.... 

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