Monday, July 10, 2017

Kia Ora 6-25-17

KIA ORA! I hope it's been a great week for each of you. This week, was once again amazing, I am loving my time as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ. 

This week we were walking to visit a Less Active lady, and literally about at her door, I had the most subtle prompting, which whispered quietly, "Shacelle", I knew she was a potential investigator who's name we saw in the area book, and I said Sister Smith, what if we see Shacelle, she said, that sounds so great. We didn't walk any further, we turned around, walked to our car, and drove to see Shecelle, when we got to her house, she wasn't there but her brother-in-law answered, and told us how he is dating a mormon, and she lives in temple view, we kept talking with him and found out that when he was 5 His mum died, and he has since lived with His brother. We shared with him the plan of happiness, that death really isn't the end, and you could see tears in His eyes, we set up and appointment with him, and the Assistants hooked us up and went to see His girlfriends family in temple view and invited them to the lesson. Well, yesterday we were supposed to have the lesson around 2, and it was 2:10, and we were about to give up when RIGHT THEN THEY WALKED IN THE DOORS!!!!! It was SO exciting, and we had an amazing lesson with Him. His name is Ryan. We found out he has no knowledge of Jesus Christ, and he really wants to. We taught him WHY a Savior is even important, and WOW, we take so much for granted. To see someone have hope in their eyes for once in their life was absolutely amazing. It was definitely a testimony builder for Sister Smith and myself.

We had Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) this week, and it was so great to see so many missionaries that I love so much. 3 Sisters that I covered in Papakura, are now Sister Training Leaders, and it IS THE BEST! I loved seeing them, it was funny when they asked me how they be a sister training leader, and I said, I have no idea, I am still figuring that one out. One thing I know you do is JUST LOVE. Aimee Keen-Laird came to church again this week with her kids, and they are so naughty, hahah. One is named Madden, and makes me think of little Mado (not that mado is naughty, haha they just look a lot alike). As she sat there all frustrated that her kids were acting up, the only words I felt to say to her were, "at least you are here." I think for me I think back to when kids scream and cry at church, or when someone is wearing something "immodest", that so often those are judgments we make for people who are truly trying their best. I think from now on, I will feel, "WOW, that is amazing, that they are HERE." I think truly that we each have so much power and worth in us to spread goodness, and I know as we strive to be more positive and less judgmental seeing that we are each on our different levels of relationships with the Savior, but all in need of the same infinite Atonement. I love a quote which says, "Repentance isn't a burden; Repentance lifts burdens." I love you each so much, and pray we can strive to be a little kinder, and have the mindset, and ability to look at others and think, as the spirit whispered to me, "At least they're here." 


Sister Maddie DeLoach 

p.s.. 2 miles done, one for Cathy, and another for Whitney! 

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