Monday, July 10, 2017

Be Undaunted 6-18-17

Hello my family!! I am back in the Visitors Centre called to serve as the Sister Training Leader, and in the Frankton Ward. I won't lie, I didn't want to come back to the Visitors Centre, I really loved being out, and in the full-time field, but the Lord has called me here. Frankton area, once again has had sketchy missionaries in the past, and the ward does not trust us at all, so looks like we will be cleaning up mess again, I am getting pretty used to that.. haha that is okay, I have a great companion named Sister Smith, who also really wants to work hard, so it should be great! Sister Smith is from Hill Spring, Canada, and has been out one less transfer than me. I have served around her before, so none of that awkward get to know you stuff has had to happen which is super nice, that we could just start straight into the work. Leaving Red Hill was much harder than I thought, I really felt like I left every single thing that I had their and I can honestly say that I tried my very best there, it's a great feeling to leave an area, knowing you didn't do perfect, but you did your best. I was really sad to leave the people I have come to love so much, it makes it really hard being from a different country, knowing that some of these people, the next time we see each other again will really be as the song says, "Till we meet at Jesus feet." This whole mission thing is so hard, but I am grateful that I do have these relationships, even though it would save me so much heartbreak, haha! 

As you know President Eyring, Elder Andersen, and Bishop Davies were in New Zealand this weekend. YOU COULD FEEL THEIR PRESENCE FROM A MILE AWAY!! It was literally crazy, you truly could tell someone special was in town. They did a cultural celebration, and after they sang "I am a Child of God" as President Eyring walked out, BUT he didn't keep walking, he turned around, stopped, and sang with them, "I am a child of God." What a beautiful sight to see an Apostle of the Lord singing a song that touches each of our hearts.The next day they did the dedication, and WOW. Elder Andersen spoke after the choir sang "Joseph Smiths first prayer".. and he stood up and quoted from a line in the song "Undaunted still he trusted." He then based His whole talk around US being undaunted and still trusting in the Lord. His talk was so healing for everyone because many people were quite angry that church college got torn down. He then shared an experience when he was a 70, and they had a meeting as 70 and Apostles, and first presidency about the Church College of New Zealand, he then told them. I can tell you that President Hinckley at the time was VERY aware of everything in New Zealand, but undaunted still he trusted, he trusted that prompting that he got, and here we are today. President Eyring stood up before the dedicatory prayer and said, "I asked the Lord to tell me the future for this place, and all the Lord said was tell them to be patient, tell them to take their time building these things, for marvelous things will happen here." WOAH. Not sure what is in store for New Zealand, but he did pray and bless Hamilton, and I know that we will see that in our missionary efforts. 

The BEST thing though, of my whole week was this... Remember Aimee Keen-Laird who was a Less Active we worked with in Sunnyhills? Well.... SHE MOVED TO FRANKTON!!!!!! She lives in the area I now serve in and MIRACLE, she came to the dedication broadcast with us, AND she came to church. She just cried and cried when she saw me, and I know that one specific reason for being here, even if this isn't where I want to be, I know that the Lord needs me. I know there is a wise purpose in this. I already spoke at sacrament yesterday, and I spoke about Charity. It's my favorite subject, and I actually really felt the Lord guiding my words. After the Stake President first councilor came up to us and said, "I am so thankful that the Lord sent you two here right now, there is a WISE purpose in His will." Then another man came up to us and said, "You two have BRILLIANT husbands waiting for you when you arrive at home." HAHAHA we were cracking up, but it's amazing to see the ward already begin to trust us, just by being touched by the spirit while we spoke!! 

They are changing the Mission office to the dedicated building!!! YAY! So here is my new details, and please let others know too!!

Sister Madeline Cleone DeLoach (letters)
P.O Box 9542
New Zealand 

Sister Madeline Cleone DeLoach (packages)
465 Tuhikaramea Rd.
Temple View
Hamilton 3218
New Zealand

I love you each so much, I have literally learned so much, and being back is blowing my mind at all I still need to learn and grow before my time is up. I do love it here so much, I know it will take adjusting, but I know that the Lord needs me here, no questions about it, SO I know that I will do my best, and hope that is enough for him. 
"If today you are a little better than you were yesterday, then that is enough." -Elder Bednar

I love you so much, have a beautiful week! 

Sister Maddie DeLoach

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